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New Crypto Order is a creative brain trust and consulting platform that explores value propositions in the realm of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

As Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Smart Contracts and decentralized value-token networks break into the zeitgeist, the extent and scale of the disruption they entail tends to be peripherally perceived and mostly misunderstood.

Our core mission is to better inform how the upcoming paradigm shift opens tremendous financial and business opportunities in both the current applicable models and a future-imagined.

Our team and professional network consists of a wide array of talent: blockchain and tech developers, artists and designers, crypto market experts, investors and traders; and in order to show concepts of value as accessible language we actively reach out and commission original and linked content that uniquely communicates ideas of transparency and trust within both the human and machine worlds.

Crypto Consultancy

Blockchain and crypto currencies is a new and quickly changing technology and the knowledge and skills required to enter this new economic ecosystem can seem daunting for the average user.

New Crypto Order offers a blockchain-crypto seminar designed for both individuals and/or groups and businesses. These insightful and entertaining seminars communicate the basic blockchain concepts in a simple and useful language. They introduce participants to the importance of financial sovereignty, freedom from banking systems and from the power of central authorities and control. It will introduce the main tenet principles and themes behind decentralization and important implications behind the blockchain revolution that was first ushered in when the Bitcoin software was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Main themes of the seminar:

  • What is blockchain, the value internet and how it is changing our perception of value and money in the world.
  • Managing personal crypto wallets and the basic skills needed in order to acquire and manage digital assets.
  • Basic trading and investment techniques and most importantly how to safely hold and store digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • Introduction to smart contracts, programmable money, examples of "tokenzation and tokenomics" and how crypto works in a broader economic ecosystem.
  • Practical solutions and implementation of blockchain in business, point of sale, new ways to earn and enter to participate in the greater crypto community and economy.

Please contact us for more info and pricing. We offer both a day and monthly rate depending on the amount of classes and levels offered.

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