New Crypto Order


New Crypto Order is a creative brain trust and consulting platform that explores value propositions in the realm of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. As Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Smart Contracts and decentralized value-token networks break into the zeitgeist, the extent and scale of the disruption they entail tends to be peripherally perceived and mostly misunderstood.

Our core mission is to better inform how the upcoming paradigm shift opens tremendous financial and business opportunities in both the current applicable models and a future-imagined. Our team and professional network consists of a wide array of talent: programmers, artists and designers, crypto market experts, investors and traders. In order to show concepts of value as accessible language we actively reach out and commission original and linked content that uniquely communicates ideas of transparency and trust within both the human and machine worlds.



Sin Fronteras Tax

Millions of taxpayers have lost access to billions in tax returns.
This is an identity and lack of access problem.
Sin Fronteras Tax fixes this.


Frame is an exciting experimental media dApp combining filmmaking and micro-asset crowd ownership.


Info & Contact

Mark Alor Powell - CEO

Eduardo Castillo-Salgado - CTO