Frame dApp proposes the first crowd edited and collectively owned film experiment ever conducted in film history.

Frame is an exciting experimental media dApp combining filmmaking and micro-asset crowd ownership that will be initiated during the two day niTron Summit in San Francisco being held on January 17th-18th, 2019. This dApp will combine the unique, imperfect and unpredictable nature of analogue Super 8 film to the irreversible immutability of digital ownership using Tron and its very powerful blockchain. Analogue film and its frame by frame characteristics offers an impactful metaphor for a day when all things human, made and created, written and uttered, filmed and recorded, can potentially be value expressed and tokenized using blockchain.

New ways to view and interact with film crowdsourced editing, viewing, and playful interactions with original content beyond the central authority of old-world “authorship.” With a large amount of people owning a unique asset there is the technological and conceptual possibility that a crowd can collectively decide to edit and create a movie narrative. A special dApp UX will be developed to allow the user to place his frame where he wants in the scheme of the final structure. There can also be a voting structure to allow the general public to be allowed to participate and decide on the distribution fate and direction of the film. The film is constantly under the pulse of collective ownership and creative direction. This creates viral possibilities and a living and constantly changing narrative of original content.

Frame can offer a completely different model of how films can be funded, made and distributed. If it is possible for individuals to not only control and obtain micro-ownership capabilities within media and original content structures, it will be possible for distribution models and decentralized viewing platforms to exist. Everyone can be part owner in newer and more free wholistic systems.

Micro Personalized Markets and new “Value Social Media” possibilities.

One Frame has the possibility to contain a very “important” frame in terms of content and perceived meaning. The Frame token and can be broken down into further economic speculative TMO units and be offered to be sold to additional bidders outside the original offereng. This frame is forever linked to the person acquisition hash and he or she can decide to further divide the Frame and how to distribute and create the asset offered for unique market dynamics Eg, 100 Frames represent 10 percent of the movie frame’s perceived value.

Not all frames are perceived or created equal as they can be possibly expressed on a market price discovery mechanisms. Individual holders can play interesting wings of perceived value and enter new world of “value” social media systems that extend beyond the static “like” buttons and form new interpersonal connections and relationships. Value can be precisely expressed and connected to digital social value systems. These are the spaces where when the internet was created we could not imagine the structures that would one day be built. Frame proposes to be a glimpse and window into possible killer decentralized app for the future.