A token-generating digital asset and film funding platform that opens the door to collective ownership of movies.


When thinking of tokenization and the creation of digital assets connected to frames of movies, one can fantasize that when the Death Star was destroyed, it created a series of unique moments in cinematic history. Moments that can now be possessed, transferred, and shared using blockchain technology. Iconic frames from movies can offer tremendous content and copyright power for those willing to participate. It opens new value place holders in places where value has never existed before.

The platform is based on the secure and transparent advantages of blockchain technology. Cryptographic hash signatures are connected directly to movie frames using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. The visual digital units generated will represent the entirety of a film and be stored on a personal digital wallet, witnessed on a decentralized and distributed ledger.

The same technology that ushered in the creation of Bitcoin now allows us to possess verified digital assets, for the first time in history. These assets cannot be copied or counterfeited and require the permission of the owner to be transferred. This is a future where movie ownership rights can be digitally stored and managed by anyone with a smartphone.

This process is called tokenization, and it is the act of creating an asset that no longer needs to be controlled by centralized entities, middle men, or traditional production models. Unique digital items are widely desirable, they are distinctive and unable to be replicated as they’re tied to blockchain economic systems. It creates a culture of collectability linked to value and price discovery.

FRAME’s goal is to offer a different model for how films are funded, distributed, copyrighted, and eventually enjoyed by the audience. It makes it possible for individual “micro producers” to have ownership capabilities within media and original creative content. This is a world of decentralized, open and free systems; playful interaction with cinematic media; and, ultimately, passive income when films come to life.

Micro producers will forever tie their personal histories and experiences to this new cinematic history, now allowable through blockchain technology.