The FRAME interface will emphasize high-quality examination of individual frames, inviting users to consider them as collectible fine art.

Users can find the exact time signature within the film, and examine each frame in hi-res, minute detail – a frozen iconic moving image.

To stimulate the over-the-counter market (OTC), as seen with examples like Crypto Kitties, Somnium Space, and Decentraland, FRAME will create a user-friendly, interactive interface that encourages organic promotion.

  • Users can search catalogs for frames/tokens currently for sale.
  • Token holders can communicate anonymously to buy, sell, and trade film assets.
  • IMOs will announce movies soon to join the platform and upcoming productions.
  • Public forums will allow users to discuss their collections and film assets.
  • Pre-production documentation, movie trailers, and crypto tutorials will allow the soon-to-be-initiated to dip a toe and test the waters of this new world.

FRAME proposes to be playful and imaginative with its application. Open new dialogues about the perception, interaction and creation of cinema. New layers of how we immerse ourselves within media are created. FRAME will create a launching pad for new ideas; traction to proven artists; and a voice to the many millions watching movies every day. Thus, creating a wholly new dimension of expression.

The actual FRAME token will be made available on regular crypto exchanges, with the interface using decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and instant liquidity providers, like Kyper Network. For example, FRAME promotions could offer free NFTs for creating exchange accounts to encourage new users.