Before a movie project is launched on the FRAME protocol, a proposal will be presented to each individual who holds FRAME Utility Tokens in their wallet. Each person will be notified with a prompt to vote. If the project receives a predetermined amount of votes within a certain time limit, the movie will move forward and be open for movie tokenization.

The weight of the vote is measured by the quantity of FRAME Utility Tokens a person possesses. The more FRAME tokens you own, the larger your vote will be. The platform will encourage user interaction, promote voting events, and immediately publicize the results.

For films in pre-production, the investor participation scale will be determined on a project-by-project basis. The filmmaker will have the ability to propose the amount of money needed for production and the percentage of the rights they are willing to give investors. For micro investors, as investments are low and highly distributed, it’s a small, managed risk.