At this time, it’s almost impossible for the general public to invest or be involved in the production and funding of either major or independent cinema. Blockchain token economic structures can open the door to democratic systems that are wide reaching, transparent, playful, and impactful.

For most filmmakers there is a battle to be funded using bureaucratic, private, and state-controlled cultural authorities and gatekeepers. There are a dizzying amount of grants and foundations that offer funding, but they most often demand a laundry list of requirements. More so, sometimes these mandatory prerequisites pigeonhole filmmakers into a predetermined ideology that only serves to suppress creativity and potentially allowing censorship. A truly democratic and free market model can reside outside the pressures of central interests and big studio control.

A tokenization model in place not only allows the public to invest in and own part of a movie project, but also the people involved in its labor. Film production staff can invest and express their labor in ways never before possible – accomplished simply and expeditiously with smart contracts. Or traditional contracts coupled with token ownership.

The tokenization of filmmaking will not only allow for true creativity to flourish, but increase demand via collectorship within a medium that offers huge cultural cachet: movies.

The FRAME interface will allow users to onboard seamlessly, using peer to peer crypto payments, traditional bank accounts, or credit cards for purchase. A simple user interface will offer the added incentive to encourage users to get involved with the burgeoning scene of crypto and tokenization.